TOS Crew Review: Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an interactive reading website
for kiddos ages 3-7 years.

I registered Baby Girl,
who is is age 7,
onto the site.

After she was registered...
...she took a test
so she could be placed in the proper level
before she began the program.

(LOVE that feature-
sometimes, we get into a program that is
too easy or hard for the kiddos,
and it feels like a waste of time.)

Once she was set up... was time for the fun to begin!

Each lesson has an array
of fun games
to teach reading concepts.

Who wouldn't want to practice reading using...
 ...adorable dogs...
...bathtub bubbles...
...B-Ball skills...
...matching games and...


Pricing for a subscription to this program
is as follows:

12 months: $75.00
6 months: $49.95

If you have another young kiddo...
...who is interested in the fun,
you can add him/her for 50% off of the 
first child's subscription.

To add more educational fun to the program,
you can order book packs and flashcards
which correspond to the lessons.

(Read more about pricing for those packages
by clicking HERE.)

Reading Eggs has also launched a reading site
for children ages 7-13,
so the older ones can join in the fun too.


If you are curious at all about this reading fun,
please check out
Reading Eggs' free trial program
by clicking HERE.

I think you just might find your kiddos
will soon be...
...mesmerized by reading!


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I received a free subscription to this site
in exchange for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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