February 19th-24th

This week was full, full, FULL of
adventures for our family...
We began on Saturday with a visit to meet
Smiley B's little brother.

(I LOVE the smell of a new born baby...)


Sunday: Church

Monday: Homeschool

Tuesday is when life got interesting...


Super Dad asked us if we wanted to 
tag along with him when he went to 
Atlanta for work,
so of course we said,

We left Tuesday evening
and did not come home until
Thursday evening-
and let me just say,
a good time was had by all...

While Super Dad went to work
(poor guy!),
the kiddos and I spent our mornings
swimming in the salt water pool
and reserved the afternoons for little
Hot-lanta adventures...

We went to 
Zoo Atlanta,
a Wal-Mart with car garage parking,
thrift store shopping at a gigantic Goodwill,
the American Girl Store.

So. Much. Fun.

I will post more about it all later,
but I will just say I am 
ever-so-grateful to
my husband for letting us come along.

He rocks- he really, really does-
and so does his workplace
for putting us all up in the 
Embassy Suites.

What a wonderful week!


To see a photo play-by-play,
just click HERE...


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  1. I am glad you had fun in Atlanta. We are aboutv 30 minutes from downtown ATL and go often - The American Girl Place is just amazing, isn't it???

    Thanks for linking!