TOS Crew Review: I See Cards- Fractazmic

Jungle Girl is beginning to learn about fractions,
and let me say,
when we received...
...Fractazmic from
"i see cards" to review,
I couldn't have been more RELIEVED!

it ain't my strong suit-
so anything I can use to make it more FUN
for the kiddos 
(and MYSELF)
is always a welcomed addition
in this household-
and since we have also enjoyed playing
we were NOT disappointed...


The game is a pretty simple,
and yet highly effective.

There are...
...three different sets of cards in the deck:
10ths, 12ths, and 16ths.

Mix 'em all up, deal 7 cards to each player,
and try to use those cards to create 
different combinations of fractions and 
make the number one.

If you can't make the number one,
discard and...
...pick a new card.
Play continues like this until
one player doesn't have any more matches.

The player with the most matches at this point
is the winner.


Now, we modified this regular version 
since Jungle Girl is just beginning work with fractions.
We just used the 12th's set,
which was awesome because of the 
excellent illustrations.

The concept of a dozen eggs is very relatable
to Jungle Girl,
so adding the eggs together
on the different fraction cards
REALLY strengthened her
fraction understanding...
(No, seriously, I promise it did!)  ;0)

I also used the different card sets to show her...
...different ways to make fractions.

And since the game is only $6.95...
...it is well worth looking into!


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Disclaimer: I received this product free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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