Christmas Countdown Day 8

 Day 8

Chester left the kiddos a rather "coded" clue
as a hint for our advent activities today.
They found him lying on a plaque 
I keep in the kitchen which reads...
 ..."Mothers of little boys work from
son up to son down!"

Gold chocolate coins covered the words
"son"... well as formed an arrow pointing towards 
the sign.

The clues were alluding to the image Zachariah gives
when he prophesies about Jesus' birth-
how he will bring light to the world,
like the SUN...

We made the ornament described in 
with one modification...
We used GLITTER!

 Sure, hands
(and the table and the floor)
were covered with glitter when the kiddos
were done...
...but the results were super shiny!

Besides, glitter...
...IS washable,
after all!

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