Star Wars B-Day Party

This past Friday,
we were partying like only
the Jedi can... celebrate Little Wild Man's 6th birthday!

As each kiddo entered the party,
he/she received a...
...Jedi Training List.

(You can download a copy by clicking HERE.)

The list contained all the actitivies
(training exercises)
 the kiddos had to complete in order to earn
a Jedi Prize Pack by the end of the party.

The checklist included:
 1.  Navigate the Stars
(By Painting a Star Ornament)
(Apparently tickling is important to the
painting process...)
2.  Create Order from the Chaos
(Using Galactic Play Dough)

3.  Devour the Death Star Pizza
4.  Repair R2D2

In order to play this game,
the kiddos each got three batteries,
which they tried to...
X9eOwy on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
...toss into R2D2's body.

Our winner...
...was able to sink two of the three batteries!

5.  Light Saber Balloon Balancing

After receiving a "light saber"
(aka Large Glow Stick),
and a black balloon...
...the lights were turned off
(except for these little touch lights)...
...and the kiddos tried to keep their balloons in the air
for a long a s possible
with the use of their "light sabers."
 Our winner was quite excited with his prize...
 6.  Refuel with Light Saber Cupcakes
7.  Guard Jedi "Little Wild Man" as He Opens his Gifts

The kiddos have NO PROBLEM helping the birthday
get into his gifts-
I thought I needed to protect him from his friends!  ;0)
I am so glad
I caught this facial expression on camera-

After fulfilling the training requirements,
I held a mini-Awards Ceremony-
complete with the Star Wars Theme Song.
All of the Jedis received a medal...
...and a treat bag, which contained...
 ...Starbursts, Milky Ways, 
Star Wars Fruit Roll Ups, Star Stickers and...
...a Star Wars Candy Fan.

(The boys received Darth Vader and
the girls received Princess Leia.)

Oh my Little Wild Man...
...may the force be with you as you 
INSIST on growing up...



Check out the following links to find my
inspiration for some of the party ideas:

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  1. Little J had a Star Wars party for his 6th bday too! Sounds like they would be buddies. I love all you did to make the party special. He looks like he had a wonderful time.