Gratitude Challenge Days 2, 3, and 4: My Favorite Kiddos

today is "catch-up" day
for the Gratitude Challenge 2011,
as well as my blog posts,
so hang on for some picture overload... ;0)


I am so grateful for... three kiddos:
Jungle Girl, Little Wild Man, and Baby Girl.

(That's one kiddo per day of gratitude,
in case you were wondering...)


Here we are...
...all dressed up for our church's
Trunk or Treat event.

We always "combine trunks" with another family
and get together to decorate our cars.

Past trunk themes for our families have
The Circus,
The Fruit of the Spirit,
1970's Disco Dance Party,
The Wii.

This year we won "Best Theme"
with our
"Down on the Farm" trunks.

I credit the win to the
backdrop that the kiddos made
(seriously, all I did was give them the
butcher paper and pastels-
they did an AWESOME job!)...
...this kooky costume and...
...Jungle Girl's rather popular
robotic horse.

(This little girl "rode" the horse for at least
30 minutes!)


I am so grateful
for the privilege of being the mother to
these three crazy-cool kiddos...
Jungle Girl

I am AMAZED what a beautiful young woman
she is transforming into!

Her sensitive heart leads her to share
compassion with ALL God's creatures-
human and the like.
Baby Girl

Pictured here with her BFF,
she fills my days with LOTS
of snuggles and SONG!

I swear, if she can get over her
fear of attention,
(oh, you will see what I'm talking about
later in this post),
she could minister to the world
with her talent.
Little Wild Man

Pictured with one of his best buds,
he sincerely makes me laugh everyday,
and he may even make you smile
as you continue to read
this post...


So, I have shared our attire for
Trunk or Treat,
but in order to tell ya more about my kiddos,
I need to share their Halloween costumes too...

Here they are...
...the Star Wars Trio.

A Pretty Princess Leia
Outfit complete by the hairdo

(I gave Jungle Girl two sock buns
so her hair had the appeared to be
somewhat as thick as Leia's was.)

A Less-Than-Enthusiastic 

Remember me mentioning earlier that
Baby Girl has an issue with 
being the center of attention?

Well, when we were planning out our costumes
for Halloween,
she thought it would be fun to be R2D2.

So, I pulled together a box, a bowl,
some spray paint and electrical tape
and fashioned a simple but cute
R2D2 outfit for her.

She played with it the entire evening before Halloween,
putting it on and taking it off,
ducking her head down and turning
so it looked
like the robot's head was really moving.


On Halloween evening,
after getting all the kiddos dressed in their
Star Wars garb,
we sent them outside for the obligatory
picture taking session.

We had a CREW of people over to eat
before we trick or treated,
so there were several people commenting 
Baby Girl on how cute she looked-
and they were all wanting her to smile
for the pictures.

I slowly watched her withdraw
like a turtle to his shell.

(I was amazed I got her to peek out at me
for this picture!)

She then went inside and said she did
not want to got trick or treating.

After Marmee 
(her grandmother)
and Daddy talked to her about it,
she changed...
...into a less assuming outfit.

(This is one of the only pics I have of her in the outfit.)

I told her she reminded me of Hans Solo...
...she was not that amused.


An All-Powerful Darth Vader

We scored Little Wild Man's costume,
complete with talking mask,
for less than $10 at our church's consignment sale.

Remember me saying that this boy
makes me laugh about everyday?

Watch his impression...
XVGjOH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
...of the Darth Vader Volkswagen Car Commercial,
and tell me it doesn't make you smile!  ;0)


So, to recap,
I am SO THANKFUL for my kiddos!

Head on over to the
Gratitude Challenge 2011
to see what others are grateful for today...


  1. Terrific fun! I love the costumes - classic! I dressed up as Princess Leia, to go along with friends dressed as Luke, Vader, and of course R2D2 more than 30 years ago - your babies make me feel young, and old at the same time :)

  2. I LOVE the costumes, but I LOVE the fact that you pair up with another family to decorate for your trunk or treat much better. That is really neat!
    And the commercial impression is just too funny!

    I am now following your blog on GFC. :-)