Christmas Countdown: Day 2

Day 2

The kiddos began our
Christmas Countdown
activities with...
 ...a search for Chester...
...who was "hanging out" in 
Wonder Mom and Super Dad's closet.

(Surrounded by hats,
he was giving the kiddos a clue about 
Day 2's Advent Activity,
which we will get to in a minute...)


Chester brought back a little giftie
from his evening's journey
to the North Pole...
Something from Rudolf himself!
 Now I will never need
a flashlight again... ;0)
Baby Blue seemed to really be fasinated
by their gifties too...


Later in the afternoon,
we finally looked at Day 2 of
advent activities,
the kiddos saw the connection to 
Chess' "hat" clue.

It was a picture of a crown.

We then read Isaiah 9:2-7 
and discussed what kind of King
Isaiah was describing-
King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
 We made the suggested crown ornaments
out of toilet paper tubes...
 ...and are R-E-A-D-Y to put them
on the Christmas Tree.

i wrapped up our discussion by reading...
 ...Who is Coming to Our House?
Joseph Slate.

We are hoping to get OUR home finally
completely ready for
Christmas this weekend,
so all the new ornaments
have a place to hang-

most importantly,
I hope all these activities will get our 
HEARTS ready for Christmas...


  1. Very cute! Love the noses and the crowns!

  2. Love the nose animation! I am so tempted to get Truth in the Tinsel with everyone talking about it.