Christmas Countdown Day 3

With a busy week end,
we fell a bit behind on our
Advent activities-
and, trust me,
I bet we will be behind a few more times
as this crazy month progresses...

we did ALL the Bible readings and activities from
...from Days 3, 4, and 5.

But I am still splitting them up into three separate posts,
so as not to overwhelm everyone with my wordiness...


Day 3

Good old Chester was hanging out...
...ON the refrigerator door,
with a little hint for the kiddos.

His little message of 
"Hee! Smile! Laugh! Hee!"
applies to the story of Zechariah
because he and his wife,
had never been able to have a child,
and God gave them this joyous gift with
the pregnancy of John the Baptist.

For our craft...
 ...the kiddos put together...
 ...a Zechariah Face Ornament.
(Baby Blue was a good observer of all the kiddos'
activities...)  :0)

Here are...
...the completed ornaments.

The mouths are made out of giant bubble wrap
which the kiddos got to pop in order to "seal"
Zachariah's mouth-
just like the angel Gabriel did in the story.
I made the kiddos wait to pop the mouths until
everyone was done making their ornaments...
...which proved more difficult for some than

Here... a video clip of the
big "popping" moment...

(Do y'all see WHY Little Wild Man has the 
nickname that he does?)  ;0)


  1. Very fun - the bubble wrap is an interesting idea!

  2. I'm loving reading everyone's posts. I think I might break down and get it next year.