Christmas Countdown: Day 1

the Countdown to Christmas has
officially begun in our house today...

Seems like we
get our home into the
Christmas Spirit,
at least in terms of decorating,
but I made certain to have...
...our Advent Calendars
up and ready to go!

The kiddos each have there own...
 ...Mini-Bubble Wrap 
Christmas Tree
Advent Calendars...
(See the bigger version we made one year
by clicking HERE)
 ...and our big family 
advent calendar contains cards from 

(If you are still looking for a guide
for Advent activities for the kiddos,
I HIGHLY recommend checking
the e-book out...)


So how did Day One's activities run?

The kiddos found our
...hanging out on our dining room lamp.
(our elf's complete name is
Chester Thomas Elf-
"Chess" for short)
was giving the kiddos a clue
about our Advent devotional...
Day One:
(aka Jesus bringing light into the world...)

We read and discussed Isaiah 9:2-7
and then... to work making the recommended...
 ...Light Ornament.


Next, we set up our
Manger Behavior Management...
 ...using paper bag bottoms,
material, yarn, glue, markers, and
clothespin dolls.

(This idea was inspired by THIS
wonderful activity over on Catholic Icing.)

The kiddos will hopefully have mangers
FULL of yarn "hay" because of the
good deeds they have done for Jesus...


I added in a bit of the "secular" 
with the "sacred" by reading...
 ...Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
to the kiddos.
(Hey, Rudolf had a LIGHT 
on the end of his nose, right?)  ;0)

The kiddos then each received...
 ...a little Reindeer craft kit... create a Christmas keepsake.
A fun and busy evening was had by all...

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  1. Everything is just too cute...but I especially love the candle ornament!