Science Sunday: It's Electrifying!

We FINALLY finished our static electricity unit
a couple of weeks ago,
by discussing nature's BIGGEST example 
of Static Electricity activity...

(You can see the different experiments we did
by clicking HERE, HERE, and HERE)

We are continuing to use our
...which gave us some very interesting info 
on how Fulminologists think lightning occurs.

We also watched a video clip on...
...Brain Pop.
(I signed up for the week free trial to see the clip.)

Oh, and we couldn't end our 
Static Electricity study with out seeing what a...
...van De Graaff electrostatic generator
can do!
(You can see this clip from Science Bob
by clicking HERE.) 
To add to the "fun factor" of the lesson...
 ...I gave each kiddo a "Frankenstein Monster Mask"... wear...
...since he was "brought to life"
with the use of lightning.

And watching the "historically inaccurate"...
...Ben and Me
was fun too-

(Click HERE and HERE to watch it on You Tube.)
I mean, we had to pay homage to the man who
flew a kite in a lightning storm... ;0)


Check out more science fun 
over at 

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  1. ha ha ha ha, you forgot to add in all your links for the "here, here, and here."
    I've never ever done that...... not in the last few days at least.........

    I love AIMS stuff, they're so AWESOME!