Science Sunday: Ghostly Static

As we continued with our Static Electrictiy
study this past week
(you can see what else we have learned
about Static Electricity by clicking
we brought some "spooks"...
...into our Science studies.

I stumbled upon this
Halloween Science Experiment
over at Science Bob,
and it just fit in SO WELL with our
Static Electricity unit, 
we had to give it a go...


We "tweaked" our experiment a bit
from the original by using
coffee filters for our ghosts
(instead of tissues)
paper towels to charge our balloons
(instead of our hairs).


After charging...
...the balloons with paper towels...
...we carefully placed the balloons near
one of the "ghosts"...

...and watched as it was "eerily" drawn up to
the balloon.


We found....

...that it was easy to get the ghosts... stick to the balloons,
but getting them to "float" took a bit more finesse.

However, after a few tries...
p5r0Ot on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
...we had out little ghosties
dancing all over the table!


So, why does this work?

Science Bob explains it like this:

When you rub the balloon through your hair,  
(or with the paper towel)
invisible electrons (with a negative charge)
build up on the surface of the balloon.
The electrons have the power to pull very light objects
(with a positive charge) toward them
– in this case, the tissue ghost
(the coffee filter ghost).

Just boo-tastic!


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and not-so-spooky-
fun with Science,
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  1. This is a cute idea to demonstrate static electricity. The kids look like they are enjoying their lesson.

  2. Static electricity is soooo much fun - except the whole car door in the winter shock - that one isn't as fun.

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