TOS Crew Review: AIMS Educational Foundation- Electrical Connections

Physical Science has never been my
strong suit.

In fact, when it comes to the
particular subject of
let's just say I am not the
brightest bulb in the box...

So I was honestly eager to review...
...AIMS Educational Foundation's
Electrical Connections.


This book is a WONDERFUL collection
of lessons and experiments,
all about the different kinds of electricity.

I received the book and CD
(which contains all the student reproducibles that
are in the book),
but you can also buy the downloadable version
of the book for
the same price of $24.95.


The book is divided into four sections:

Static Electricity
and the
History of Electricity

This means there are a good
30+ lessons to draw from-
and I plan on leading my kiddos
through all of 'em,
with a few modifications...


The company puts the book as appropriate
for the grade levels of 4-6.

I would say that's about right,
and since my oldest child is at a
4th grade level,
I will have to adapt some of the lessons,
but that is very easy,
since all the material provided
is so kiddo friendly...

Let me give you
an example of how I ran one of the lesson...


Lesson 1:
Static Eletricity

I began the lesson by going over...
...a booklet about Static Electricity.

Jungle Girl
(my 4th grader)
could have read through this by herself,
but since I have two younger ones involved,
I read and discussed the booklet to all of them.

The illustrations in the booklet and
the kiddo appropriate wording
kept everyone's attention pretty well.


Next came the experiments!

...the kiddos rubbed a piece of Saran Wrap
with a paper towel.

...they lifted it by the corner
and discovered...
...the wrap wanted to cling to them!


After rubbing the wrap again,
the kiddos picked up the wrap
on opposite sides...
...and watched the sides repel each other,
because the sides have the same charge.


the kiddos worked on discovering...
...what kinds of objects would be attracted to the 
Saran Wrap, and what kinds would not.

They began the experiment with...
...paper clips.
They did NOT stick to the Saran Wrap.

What about...
...little pieces of Styrofoam?
Oh yes...
...they sure did!
So did cotton thread...
p5xu2_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
...and cotton ball bits!


In conclusion...
 ...these items were attracted to the 
Saran Wrap...
...and these did not.

The reason?

The attractive force caused by the 
static electricity was enough to overcome the force
of gravity for the lighter objects,
but not the heavier ones. 


To check out other
Electricity experiments the kiddos did
from this book,
just click HERE and HERE.

From a Christian viewpoint,
this AIMS study doesn't seem to contradict
the Bible in any way,
but it doesn't point out anything
about the Creator either.

because the activities 
were so cool,
it was EASY to remind the kiddos
during our lessons 
about the creativity 
of the one true God.

I credit AIMS with making Science 
FUN for kiddos,
and I do believe we will be looking into more
of their Science units
in the future...


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...just click HERE.

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Disclaimer: I received this product free
for my open and honest review.
 I was not compensated in any other way.


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