TOS Crew Review: Ooka Island Books

Ooka Island is a place on the web 
which leads kiddos down the path to literacy...

...through a series of games, songs, and 


The island contains a host...
...of colorful, kooky characters that your 
K-2nd grade leveled kiddos will want
to get to know.

By following these characters around the island...
...kiddos will be mastering reading skills,
such as blending sounds into words
and word decoding,
without even realizing they are learning.


I think perhaps one of the neatest elements of this program
is its interactivity.

Your kiddos can actually use a headset
and SPEAK into the program to
play some of the games,
thus using even more of their senses.

I think this makes more of an impact
when learning anything,
especially when learning to read.


Using this program in Homeschoooling
could really be beneficial to families
with emerging readers.

The kiddos will learn independence
while working on reading skills,
and the parents can have access
to their progress in the program.


Below is the pricing chart for the program:
AND there is a special discount going on right now...
Just use the above code to receive a 30% discount 
on a monthly subscription.

If you have ANY interest in a program like this,
PLEASE click HERE and explore the site for yourself-
it has A LOT of helpful videos which explain
the program further...

For more TOS Crew reviews of this product,
please click HERE...


Disclaimer:  I was given a free subscription to this program
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

I also want to disclose that I was not able
to access the program due to technical difficulties 
with my computer.
Therefore, I was given permission to give a more
informative review for this product
instead of my normal personal review.

The staff at Ooka Island 
has been VERY, VERY helpful in trying to 
figure out the reason for my technical problems,
so hopeful my kiddos and I will get to use
the program soon!  :0)

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