TOS Crew Review: Guidecraft's Hideaway Country Kitchen

The kiddos were
...this big box arrived on our doorstep
a few weeks ago.

It turned out to be the


It was like Christmas had come early at
our house!


A few days later...
...the kiddos happily
assisted their daddy... putting the kitchen together.

...most of them did.)

Setting up
the kitchen wasn't too frustrating...
...well, except for one part.

My husband does emphasize that he is NOT a
natural handyman,
but getting the fake knobs attached really
did about make him lose his religion... ;0)


The knob "situation" aside,
the Country Kitchen... a WONDERFULLY constructed toy.

Now, we have our "play room"... our garage,
and the kitchen has made an AWESOME addition.

This kitchen really is a wonderful toy
for a toddler-tike like...
...our Smiley B.

He has spent much time...
...making many tasty meals for us
while we play in the garage.

And the solid construction holds up well... all his twisting and turning.

This kitchen says it is for ages three and up,
but Smiley B. is two,
and his play
has even inspired...
...the bigger kiddos... get in on all of...
...the fun!


Besides inspiring imaginative play
and being solidly built...
...this little kitchen has a secret.

It can be...

...EASILY collapsed...
...and stored away somewhere,
hence the name
"Hideaway Country Kitchen."


This kitchen would make a LOVELY
Christmas or Birthday gift for
some special kiddo.

Yes, it may seem "pricey" at $200,
but I really feel like this a fair price
considering the wonderful construction
of the product.


...stop washing the dishes and head on over
to the Guidecraft website to check out the
Hideaway Country Kitchen!

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Disclaimer:  I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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