A Homeschool Meme- I've Been "Tagged!"

Miss Leah, over at Almost Unschoolers,
picked little old me to answer a few questions that are
swirling around the web right now.

These questions relate to homeschooling,
and, honestly, I hold Leah and her
homeschooling expertise in the highest regard, 
so I am happy to participate in any
Homeschool Meme she deems worthy!

So, here we go...

1.  One homeschooling book you have enjoyed
Well, to be honest, books are not
where I have really found my homeschooling inspiration-
other friends and HOMESCHOOLING BLOGS
have really guided me during my 2+ years of schooling.

I was really struggling with some issues about our Homeschool
around May of this year,
and God sent me to...
...Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I am so THANKFUL for Erica's
"10 Days of Homeschooling Enrichment."

I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling
with homeschooling, beginning the homeschooling journey,
or just need a refresher on WHY you decided
to ever take this journey...

2.  One resource you wouldn't be without

The Internet and many, MANY other Homeschooling Blogs!

3.  One resource you wish you had never bought

that's a tough one....

I guess there have been several little things,
like items from The Dollar Tree,
that I purchased with every intent of doing a
craft or hands-on activity with
and we never got to do them.

(Does this count?)

4.  One resource you enjoyed last year 
Little Wild Man and I really enjoyed
(and are continuing to enjoy)...
 ...the "All About Reading" curriculum we got to
review last year.

I really like the way it makes reading skills fun-
Little Wild Man looks forward to his Reading Time
everyday because of this program...

5.  One resource you will be using this school year

The Workbox System!

It has already made life so much easier-
I hope I can keep up with it.

(You can get a glimpse of our 
Workboxes by clicking HERE.)
6.  One resource you would like to buy
(Or already bought...*ahem*...)
7.  One resource you wish existed


8.  One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading
 The Sonlight Catalog-
I really like browsing it for quality novel study ideas
for the kiddos...

9.  One homeschooling website you use regularly

Almost Unschoolers, of course!  :0)

9.  Time to "tag" another Homeschooler

I am hoping that Sarah,
over at... 
...Small World at Home
will join in the fun...


  1. You are so sweet :) And yes, an "add more hours in the day machine" would be an excellent resource!

  2. When you invent that make sure to send one to me. I want that machine as well.