Happy (LATE) Birthday, Baby Girl!

Well, Baby Girl's birthday
has come and gone,
and I would be VERY REMISS
if I didn't mention how we celebrated
this sweet 7 year old's special day...


First, a week BEFORE her birthday,
she had her first big sleepover,
known as...
..."Party Like a Night Owl" Celebration.

(I was inspired by THIS awesome birthday post.)
(You can read more about our version by clicking HERE.)


On Baby Girl's actual birthday...
...we all enjoyed a special breakfast...
...of Birthday Pancakes.

(Recipe can be found by clicking HERE.)


The Sunday after Baby Girl's birthday...
...we brought some cupcakes...
...and bouncy balls to share with her
Sunday School classmates.


Oh, AND two weeks after Baby Girl's big day,
the extended family made sure to shower her
with some love...


...I think this special girl has a LOT to smile about!

We LOVE you, Baby Girl!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! C turned 7 on the 8th and we are having a few celebrations around here too.

  2. Happy birthday Big Girl! If you're big enough for a sleepover, you're definitely not a baby anymore.

  3. It looks like a fabulous birth-day/week/month? Very nice! Our best wishes to the birthday girl :)

  4. How fun! Not just a birthday, or birthday week, but almost a birthday month. I think I like her style! Happy b-day!

  5. That owl cake is awesome, I will have to remember it for my nieces 1st birthday, they are doing her room in owls so it would be perfect!!