Bible Alive! WEDNESDAY: Self-Control Snack

  "Like a city whose walls
are broken through
is a person who lacks SELF-CONTROL."

(Proverbs 25:28)

As we waited for the 
Birthday Muffins to bake this morning,
the kiddos and I discussed what it meant to have

Oh, the smell of the muffins was SO GOOD,
it just made us want to snatch 'em up... soon as they came out of the oven.
But we didn't,
'cause we would have burnt our tongues off!
Even while mixing up the batter...
...we so wanted to grab our spoons
and dig into the batter.

Then we would have been too full to really
enjoy the warm, cooked muffins.

protects us from doing some pretty
stupid stuff to ourselves.

is our own 
Great Wall of China...

Now, I know this Bible Alive! post is going up
two days late,
but please feel free to post below anything fun
you did to make the Bible come Alive!
for your kiddos this week...

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