Smiley B's Birthday Muffins

 We got to celebrate...
 ...Smiley B's
"Last Day as a One Year Old" 
this past Tuesday...

(He HAD to spent his actual birthday
over at his Nana's-
how selfish is SHE?)  ;0)


To start the day off with a bang,
Smiley B assisted me in the kitchen... I made some
"Birthday Cake Muffins."

(Basically, we made cupcakes,
not muffins,
and just left off the icing
and added sprinkles to the batter.
The cake batter recipe I use can be found
by clicking HERE.
I follow it as written, except I use
butter instead of margarine.)


Smiley B was truly a big helper in the kitchen...
...especially when it came to...
 ...batter clean up...
...and sprinkle detail.

My little chef really is quite the expert
on sprinkles...
The more the merrier...


After WAITING for the "muffins" to be done...
(you can read more about THAT discussion
by clicking HERE)

...Smiley B got some early practice in on 
blowing out his 2 year old candles...

"Last Day of Being One"
Smiley B!

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