TOS Crew Review: R & R Games' Flea Circus

 My first review for the TOS Crew this year
is a delightful game from
RnR Games called...

Gotta say,
first impressions are important,
and just seeing this cute, colorful box
heightened the kiddos' curiosity...
 ...let alone seeing all the goodies
the box had INSIDE!

I mean, seriously...
...what kiddo WOULDN'T want to get their 
"paws" all over the fun little cat and dogs
game pieces?

In fact, before we played it the first time,
the kiddos got into it...
 ...and created their own fun
with the game pieces.

Yes, they ARE threatening my eldest daughter's
hamster with the cats and dogs in the picture above...
...and the dogs apparently truly brought out the
maniacal side in my son...

Oh well-
we will save this photo for his
future therapy sessions...

On with the review...


The directions for this game
were pretty straight forward... long as we kept the manual beside us
during the first game.

(As with any game,
there is a learning curve,
but it seems to be a quick one with
Flea Circus.)

The game states it is for the ages 
6 and up,
but after sitting with my 5 year old 
throught the first couple of hands,
he could play on his own with just
a little assistance from me.

The main objective of the game
is to collect the most
(aka the Cats and Dogs)
for your "circus."
The kiddos REALLY liked this game-
and I feel like it was a great way for them
to have clean, wholesome fun,
use beginning critical thinking skills,
and practice simple number combinations while
playing different...
 ...Flea Attraction cards.

These attraction cards are how the kiddos
gained more spectators...
...along with cards like the Clown cards,
Acrobat cards, and Ticket cards.

Oh, and of course there are also...
...Animal Catcher cards!

(To read more about what each of these cards do,
and how the game is played,
you can just click HERE to see the game's


When the game was over,
after an approproiate amount of time
for my kiddos,
 I was able to easily store it away... its cute little box.

(Oh, I put my own rubber band around the cards,
but if you aren't going to moving the box around a lot,
I bet you wouldn't even need to to that
to keep the cards stored neatly.)

At the price of $15.95,
I do believe the product is priced apprpriately
for all the hours of entertainment it 
will give a family.


So, if you are interested in a...
...giggly-good time,
just click HERE to learn more about
all the fun
RnR Games has to offer your family!

(Just an FYI-
the card holders my kiddos are using
did NOT come with the game-
we have some from another game which helps
little hands hold all their cards
without dropping them.)

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TOS Crew members'
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Disclaimer: I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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