He's Home- YAHOO!!!!

He's Home...
(A picture of my brother during his recent vacation at the Jersey Shore.)


Turns out Aaron had a grand maul seizure
on the bus and he was taken
to the hospital somewhere in Virgina.

And Greyhound,
or the hospital,
didn't think to check his luggage
for his contact info
while he was passed out.


Oh well,
he is back home,
sleeping soundly-
well, ALL of us are sleeping more soundly.

Tomorrow he will be making
a doctor's appointment
to check into this seizure stuff.

Praise God,
Praise God,

And THANK YOU, dear friends,
for your prayers.

I felt God's strength
and peace with me throughout this ordeal,
and so did my family,
and for that,
we cannot thank you enough...


  1. I'm so glad he is found. And I hope he is okay. What a scary thing to go through. You would think that Grey Hound would have told your family when they went to pick him up. Incredible how much time you had to wait for an answer! But I'm glad he's okay.

  2. Very good news! I'm glad he's okay.
    Almost Unschoolers

  3. I'm glad he's home safely. I didn't know he had trouble with seizures. Please let him know that we're praying for good advice from the doctor.

  4. That is wonderful! You must be so relieved!

  5. I am so glad he is home safely. Two of my children have epilepsy, so if you want someone to talk to about it, feel free to contact me.