This is my brother.
He's my only sibling.

I am just 13 months older than him,
so we were pretty close growing up.

However, during adulthood,
he made some wrong choices which
separated us for a while.

Now he is back in my life,
and I am very happy about that.

My kiddos adore their
(as they call him)
and he has been a great help
to my mother and father since
he has moved back in with them.

Now that I have "introduced" him
to you,
could you please pray for his safe return?

Here is the prayer request we sent out to
our church family this morning,
and I think it explains the situation at hand
much better than I could right now...


Ron and Martha Wheeler urgently need your prayers
in locating their son Aaron. He has been in New Jersey visiting a girlfriend
and was due back in Knoxville last night.
When Ron met the bus, Aaron's luggage was on the bus,
but no sign of Aaron.
Ron has been at the bus stop to meet every arrival time since then.
As of 10:00 this morning, it will have been a full 24 hours
since anyone has heard from him
(which is very unlike Aaron who calls or texts several times a day).
At 10:00, Ron plans to go to the police station
to file a missing person's report.
About all we know now besides the fact that Aaron's missing
is that the cell phone he was using
is being used by someone in Knoxville.
We have no idea if that is Aaron himself or someone else.
Please pray for Aaron's safety
and for the Wheeler family as they try to locate him.


I will update y'all when I have more info...


  1. Praying now!
    Almost Unschoolers

  2. I hope everything works out all right! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. We will be praying for a safe return.

  4. I'll be praying, I'm sure you're scared.