Checking Off the Summer Bucket List...

We had a little visitor at our house today...
Isn't she ADORABLE?

This sweet little 2 year old gave a
great excuse to check one of the items
on our
Summer Bucket List......blowing bubbles!

(Click HERE to see our list,
and click HERE if you need to make
one for yourself.)
The older kiddos had fun blowing the bubbles...
...while our little guest
chased them around and popped as many
as her little hands could grab.

We love checking off the fun on our
Summer Bucket List...


For other fun ideas
to do with the kiddos this Summer,
head on over to
Little Wonders' Days'
Summertime Fun Party 2011...


  1. Bubbles are terrific - but I'm holding my ground - I still don't think you can cross off summer bucket items, before it's actually summer :)

  2. She's too cute. It looks like you guys had a fun time. Thanks for linking to the summertime fun party.

  3. She is adorable. That sounds like a most fun day.

  4. The great thing about bubbles- you never grow too old for them! :)

  5. I'd like to check out your bucket list and to make our own, but both say I don't have permission to view the docutment. Bummer! Sounds like a pretty cool idea though.