Container Garden for the Less-Than-Green Thumbed- The FINAL Update

I am SO PROUD...
...of my little gardening family!

We took...
...itty, bitty Basil seeds...
...and cheerful Cherry Tomato seeds...
...added some dirt...
...and created our 1st Container Garden.


Sadly, we lost the Sunflowers and Grass Boxes
along the way,
and had to replant the Cherry Tomato Plants
(and a few of the Basil Plants),
but just take a gander... our final results!
We are all looking forward
to seeing all the little tomato blossoms...
...turn into yummy Cherry Tomatoes!


As far as the Basil goes...
...I have already made two batches of
Pesto Sauce!



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  1. Awesome! Just shows you win some and you lose some. I lost all but one cucumber and had to buy all new peppers.

  2. And you said you didn't have a green thumb :)

    What a haul. I am interested to see what you do with your pesto sauce.

  3. Wow! Not only did you grow the basil - you actually used it as food! I want to try making pesto, but my basil plant died from heat and well, lack of water - oops!