Bible Alive! Tuesday and Science Sunday: Have Patience

thank you to all of you for being
PATIENT with my lack of a post
last week,
so without further ado,
here's what the kiddos and I did
to learn more about being


Around Christmas time,
I found...
...these "Grow Your Own Crystal Tree" kits
at the Dollar Tree.

I snatched up a few,
not knowing exactly how I would use them.

So when it came time to talk to the kiddos about
Patience during our
"Fruit of the Spirit Summer Study,"
I just thought these kits would illustrate
the virtue perfectly.


After I set up...
...the trees' "bones,"
I read
Colossians 3:12-13
to the kiddos:

"Therefore, as God's chosen people,
holy and dearly loves,
clothe yourselves with
compassion, kindness, humility,
gentleness, and patience.
Bear with each other and forgive one another
if any of you has a grievance with someone.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you."

We discussed how patience is
not a natural trait,
and how the Holy Spirit is teaching us
daily how to have patience with one another.

It can really be difficult to
WAIT for certain things,
like for our trees to grow crystals...


Now, exactly how do the crystals
grow on the tree forms?
After pouring the Magical Crystal Solution
around the bottom of the tree,
and waiting 24 hours,
the tree will form crystals.

What's in the solution that makes the
crystals grow?
Water and Potassium Nitrate,
which remains in the solution as little tiny
solid particles.
When the tree begins to absorb the water
in the plastic base,
it is also absorbing those tiny solid particles.

As the tree sits for a while,
the water, now absorbed by the
tree's trunk and branches,
starts to evaporate.

The salt crystals are solid and can't evaporate.
After the water is all gone,
the once invisible salt particles will crystallize,
creating beautiful "leaves" for the tree!

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After setting up the experiment,
I had the kiddos begin work on their......Fruit of the Spirit mini-scripture books...
...which you can find by clicking HERE.


Thank you for PATIENTLY
...for today's Bible Alive! linkie!

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fun Bible-based activities below....



After a couple of hours......the crystals on the trees started to form.

AND, after a few days, the trees...
...looked like this!

(Jungle Girl's tree looks like it was in a blizzard!)

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  1. That does take some patience. I have a few kits from that same company to try out I found on clearance......

  2. Love it! We just started a new church and will probably start getting involved in the children's ministry, so I'm going to be playing close attention to your Bible Alives! :)

  3. What a great idea for a patience lesson!