Before Meets After: The Shower

The first task I tackled on my
"10 Tasks in 10 Days" list
was... our shower.

Now, before we go any further,
I must warn you...
...what you are about to see is seriously

If you have...
...a weak stomach,
you might want to turn away now...


Here we go....
...this is the inside of the shower.

I know...

Even the items in the shower...
...had developed a nice scummy exterior.


Now, the tools I used to clean
this monstrosity are...
...baking soda, vinegar,
an old toothbrush, and a scrubby sponge.
You can see here how the baking soda and vinegar
create a nice
"cleaning fizz"
when they are combined.
Combine that fizz with a little elbow grease...
...and rise with water...
...and your left......with a nice CLEAN shower!
Oh, and the vinegar and baking soda
even cleaned off that hazy soap scum
off of our shower door.
To keep the shower from getting so
nasty again,
I hope to squeegee the shower walls
with vinegar a few times a week.
One task complete,
nine more to go...


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  1. What a job! But, I feel so much better about my shower now :)

  2. YOu don't know how encouraging that is........ My shower has similar problems...... Not quite as bad currently, but it's been that way.

  3. I love to use baking soda and vinegar when I clean!

  4. Those types of showers seem to love to get a soap scum build up, we have one and it has always been a problem. I am going to try your method of cleaning next time. Thanks for sharing, I had never thought of the two mixed together to clean with. Hope you feel great having it marked off of your list of things to do.

    Cha Cha

  5. Wow what a difference. Good job getting an item off your list.

  6. Maybe shower door counts as a second project COMPLETE! Good going. I hate cleaning the bathroom sooooooo much it would never make a timed list. You're a brave girl. Jo @ Lets Face the Music

  7. I'll have to try the baking soda and vinegar on my shower.

  8. Hmmm...I don't have shower doors anymore and it makes me ever so happy. If nobody will kill me I'll admit that my husband cleans the shower. Maybe it will calm everyone down to know it's because of physical problems. :-) Still...I'm thankful and try to share his load. Like reading theology books to him while we travel. Ha!

    I'll check back for the next installment.