"Lemonade Mouth" Crafty Fun

Whenever I host a party at my house,
there just has to be some crafty fun-
it's required.

So, here are the couple of crafty activities
the kiddos participated during our
"Lemonade Mouth" Movie Premier night...


First, we dressed up like rock stars... using old T-shirt collars/strips.
The boys
were more into being Ninjas than rock stars...
(no surprise there)
...but the girls struck a
"Rock Star" pose for the camera.


The other craft the kiddos put together
during the evening was
"Lemon Rock 'n Rollers"....
We used the following supplies:

Tissue paper

First, take a sheet of tissue paper...
(about 24" x 6.5")
...and fold it in half.
Place the tissue paper over a lemon...
...and twist the sides of the tissue paper... form a dome.
Take off the tissue dome and tape the sides.
Put the dome back on the lemon...
...and use the markers to give it some personality.

Then, you are ready to "rock 'n roll!"
By placing the lemon on a flat surface,
you can gently push it and watch your creation...
...wobble and roll all over the place!

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