wiww: Ain't Sick No More...almost...

After recovering from a
stomach bug two weeks ago,
everything is about back to normal
here at
The Fantastic Five,
minus my lovely allergies acting up...

Therefore, I have a hodgepodge of outfits
from the last couple of weeks to show today,
so please humor me...


Sunday Morning
(At the beginning of the Stomach Bug)
Pretty Polka Dots

Wore this to teach my kiddos
in Sunday School about
Lazarus rising from the dead...

We used a lot of toilet paper in that lesson...


Sunday Afternoon
Breakin' Out the Shorts

Wore this in the afternoon-
we were up in the lower '80's-
WHERE did Spring go?
This is my shirt from Super Start...
Woot! Woot!


"Why are you so dressed up today-
are you going to a funeral?"

Wore this outfit to teach at Monday Fun
this afternoon,
and I SERIOUSLY had an interrogation
from my 3rd-5th graders.

You'd think I'd never worn a dress
around them before...
oh, perhaps I haven't...


(The next few days were spent in Sweats and PJ's,
cleaning up puke and such...)


(AFTER the Stomach Bug)

All I did was take the girls' to dance practice
today, but I was so happy we were all better,
I just had to attempt to dress nice...

I got several compliments on my Fishbone Braid-
I taught myself how to do this to my own hair
while I was in high school-
you can learn how to do it yourself by clicking
This jacket was embroidered by my mother...
I love it...


Cookies and Kitties

The kiddos and I want and spent the afternoon
over with Knit Wit and her family-
eating Lemon Iced Cookies
and "ooooing" and "ahhhhhing"
at their two day old kittens...

Add a paperclip or two-
A little trick I use to extend the length of my necklaces...


Late for Lunch

After spending Friday evening enjoying the
premier of "Lemonade Mouth,"
the fam and I were late to meet my Aunt and Uncle
for lunch...
we are desperately trying to compete with
"Dugger Time"...
A friend of mine from church made these for me-
aren't they AWESOME?


Sunday Morning
Blue and Gray on a Sunny Day

Wore this to church on Sunday morning...
...with this FUN metal and stone jewelry...


Sunday Afternoon
The Aqua Stripes,
not to be confused with
"The White Stripes"

Wore this after church...
...with some more AWESOME earrings provided
by my church friend...


Peachy Keen

Went to Monday Fun and taught some
kiddos about Mentos and Diet Coke

Thankfully my Gladiator Sandles did not get sticky...



For more fun fashions,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday"...

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  1. What wonderful necklaces! The black dress with the red sash is my favorite.