Bible Alive! Tuesday: Resurrection Set

Later this week, the kiddos and I are going to
put together......a Resurrection Set for Easter Sunday.

It can be found over at
Catholic Icing,
a WONDERFUL blog created by
the lovely Lacy.

I am not Catholic,
but I am a Christian,
so there are many resources I have found
VERY helpful over at her site.

So, if you're interested...
...head on over to Catholic Icing
and show lacy some love! :0)


Please link up below with any ways
you ahve made the Bible come Alive! to your
kiddos this week...


  1. Ooooo... I think my kiddos would love these!! :-)

  2. I saw that and really wished I'd saved more toilet paper rolls.

  3. This is great. Thanks for the link. I've tried to stay away from doing a lot of secular crafts with the kids this Easter.