Cool and Crazy Cars...

For our Monday Fun stART class this week,
the theme was Cool and Crazy Cars...

First, I read the kiddos a classic...
...Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Virginia Lee Burton.

The Steam Shovel featured in the story,
Mary Ann,
had quite a fun personality...


In honor of Mary Ann's spunky spirit,
I had the kiddos decorate their own
Cool and Crazy Cars...
Using Match Box Cars,
craft glue,
and a host of fun "toppings,"
such as beads, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners...
...the kiddos...
...worked intensely...
...worthy of Cars' Pit Row.
I "ran across" this idea over at the
Family Fun website...


While their cars were "in the shop"
(aka "drying"),
I brought...
...Chocolate Play Dough...
...and cars
(along with our other collection of Play Dough toys)
to play with.
When the Play Dough is all run over by cars,
it reminds me of a dirt race track...
...and the smell made all of us hungry for brownies!

(You can find the recipe I used for the
Chocolate Play Dough
by clicking HERE.)


What a fun day!

Up Next: Beautiful Bugs...


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  1. Ooooh I LOVE your crazy cars!! How fun! Especially with the googly eyes!! Brilliant fun and great to have more "boy craft" examples!

    Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Much appreciated!


  2. I love the cars! That is a great idea. The play dough does look like a dirt track! Smells much better though!

  3. I absolutely, absolutely love these cars! Such a great idea!!!

  4. The cars turned out really fun!

  5. That is a super duper fun Car craft. I'm going to totally steal the idea when the new Cars movie comes out this summer!

  6. I love their cars, how much fun is that?

  7. Those are so stinkin ADORABLE!!! What creative little ones you have! They must take after someone in the FAMILY!!!

  8. We love this book! JDaniel just got a copy for his birthday! The decorated cars look wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing this post on Read.Explore.Learn