Bejeweled Wednesdays and wiww: Black and White and Red All Over...

Since I painted my toenails a shade
of Ruby Red this past week,
the color pallet of my wardrobe has stuck
to shades of
Black and White,
with accents of Red....


Sunday Morning
Accents of Ruby Red

Wore this outfit to church in the morning...
See my brightly painted toenails?

Who WOULDN'T want to show off this
pur-tee color...
...especially since it matches
the red coral I wore.


Sunday Afternoon
March Madness

Yup, I was slouchy in athletic pants,
all to honor March Madness,
which my husband is watching behind me...

Oh, and look... Ruby Red toenails also look nice
in my black flip flops...


Chocolate Playdough and Preschoolers

I wore this to teach my Monday Fun Classes in,
which included some fun with
my Preschoolers and
Homemade Chocolate Playdough...


On the Run, But Not to the Gym

I threw these comfy capris on
to pick up my eldest after she took her
achievement test...

But even though I was running late,
I managed to... have some Moxie with my style...


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  1. Wow! flip flops in March. We still have snow on the ground here.

  2. The red shiny painted toenails are so pretty :) I love the title of this post. FUN! The red necklace and earrings are very pretty.

  3. Great outfits! Can't go wrong with black and white. So cute! :)