Shrinky Dink Valentines

I recently sent off some Valentines for a
Valentine Card Exchange for adults...

I know it's to late to use this for Valentine's Day this year,
but the ideas involved making them could be used
for any special occasion...


First, I got out my Shrinky Dink plastic...
...and colored up some hearts
in shades of pink.
Then, I cut them out and punched a hole in each heart,
since I was using them for a necklace later.
After I followed the package's directions for baking
the hearts...
...I got them ready for the necklaces,
by using a couple of different sizes of
jump rings.
Each necklace contained
three different pink hearts.

(I even made one for myself and wrote
my kiddos' names on the hearts-
It will be part of my
"Bejeweled Wednesdays and
what i wore wednesday" post this week.)


After I got all the necklaces put together,
I constructed a fun card,
which was inspired by Simply Modern Mom.
Instead of using the pattern provided by SMM,
I opted for using regular old envelopes-
no tracing, cutting , or folding required!
I then glued four enveloped together... I had the desired length I wanted.
I then took some coordinating scrapbook paper
and cut it into rectangular pieces that fit into the envelopes.
I wrote my Valentine message
on three of the rectangles...
...and attached the necklace to thew last rectangle.
I finished off the accordion style envelope with a
few simple heart stickers,
and the Valentines were ready for the post office.


I hope these cards inspire you to make something
simple and sweet
for someone today!