Bible Alive! Tuesday: The Ultimate Valentine

When I saw THIS on
Catholic Icing,
I just KNEW I had my craft for
my Sunday School class...

We discussed John 3:1-21,
when Jesus taught Nicodemus
about having eternal life.

It was the PERFECT Sunday to
celebrate Valentine's Day,
since John 3:16 IS the
ULTIMATE Valentine.

After the Bible story,
the kiddos got to work on...
...THIS craft worksheet
I put together.

The kiddos wrote the word VALENTINE
on the hearts,
then cut them out and pasted them on
the scripture sheet.

Simple, scriptural fun!


Now, it's your turn!

Please post below any ways you have made the
Bible Alive! this week...


  1. I love this sheet. It includes everything they need to review.

    Thanks you for all your kind words! You truly are a good friend.

  2. Okay that is super cool. Totally have to remember this for next year.

  3. So, I'm going through all of your old posts for ideas for things, and I nearly clicked on my own link! Ha ha ha ha ha.......