Welcome to the Sick House...

Here are the signs of a Sick House...
1. Empty 7up cans
2. Piles...
...and piles...
...and PILES of stuff that has been neglected
and needs to be put away...
3. A sink full of dirty dishes
4. Leftover Chicken Noodle Soup on the stove
5. Wads of dirty tissues
(or toilet paper since we have
run out of tissues)
that need to be thrown away
6. A pitiful, PJ clad Baby Girl sitting on
the couch


Yup, she's sick-AGAIN...

After recently recovering from
Step Throat
Baby Girl was "blessed" enough to
contract the flu.

Oh, and she has
sweetly shared it with her Mama...


I am ready to get us all back to normal...

Whatever that is...


  1. Aww! Hope you guys get rid of all that crud soon!

  2. Oh no! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon! Our house looks the same and I'm the only one sick - but then again, I'm 8 months pregnant with a 2 year old and I think my husband figures it is useless. :) Love your outfits this week!

  3. Oh, no... I have a couple sickies here too. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!