TOS Review: Maestro Classics' "Peter and the Wolf"

When we received the CD of...
...Peter and the Wolf
Maestro Classics,
MANY memories of my
elementary school days
flooded back into my brain...

We listened to
Peter and the Wolf in preparation for our
trip to hear our local Orchestra.

It is such a wonderful piece of music to use
to introduce kiddos
to the different instrument families,
and classical music in general.


Well, this CD is MUCH MORE than just a recording
of the music...
It also contains the following:

1. Biographical information about the composer Prokofiev
2. A Russian musical version of Peter and the Wolf
3. The conductor, Stephen Simon, discussing the piece
4. Peter and the Wolf with AND without Narration
5. An "Invitation" to Grandfather's party
6. Dance music from Grandfather's Party
7. A booklet insert which contains more information
about all the people involved with this production
AND simple games and puzzles for
kiddos to solve

See? SO MUCH MORE than the music...


This packet of classical fun INSPIRED me
to create a "mini unit" about
Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf
for my kiddos to explore.

(You can see how we were inspired
by clicking HERE.)

Since the main goals of Maestro Classics are:
1. Expanding listening horizons,
2. Develop listening skills and accumulate musical memories,
3. Encourage adults and children to listen to music together,
I'd say they accomplished their goals with OUR family!


The kiddos really enjoyed the way the music was presented to them,
and at $16.98 per CD,
I'd say we will be ordering more music from
the Maestro in the future...

In the NEAR future, since they are currently running
a discount special of...

The musical selections Maestro Classics
has to choose from include:

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Story of Swan Lake
Juanita the Spanish Lobster,
in English...
...and in Spanish
Casey at the Bat
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
The Sorcer's Apprentice

AND, of course,
Peter and the Wolf


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for more information
and musical inspiration...


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my open and
honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Thanks so much for this great review of our CD! We've just gotten our own Facebook Page and we were wondering if you have a minute, would you mind adding it somewhere in this post?

    We're having a Facebook giveaway sweepstakes for our peter and the wolf CD right now, actually (ending 6/13/11) that you can get to here and we're planning on having more giveaways in the coming months so we want to spread the word!

    Thanks again - Ruth @ MC