Peter and the Wolf Mini Unit

As I said in an earlier post,
Maestro Classics
inspired me to pull together
a mini unit for my kiddos about the music of...
...Peter and the Wolf.

Before listening to the CD,
I prepared the kiddos by reading to them a short
biography page about the composer...
...Sergei Prokofiev.

(Click HERE for this composer biography.)

(The CD also has a lovely segment about Prokofiev
which I plan on using as a review with the kiddos
at a later date.)


After discussing the composer,
we began listening to the CD.

First up was the Introduction of the
story's characters and the instrument that
represent them.

After discussing the reasons why we thought
certain instruments were used for certain characters,
I let the kiddos cut out...
...a set of Peter and the Wolf
finger puppets.
(Click HERE for the finger puppets.)


Now, I am pretty pumped about the next activity
I discovered for the kiddos to work on
DURING Peter and the Wolf...
It is called a Listening Map.
The kiddos went through a series of picture activities
which essentially kept their attention drawn to the music.

It even had a discussion guide for me to use...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

(A big shout out to the Cincinnati Orchestra
for putting this material
out there-
y'all ROCK!!!)
(Click HERE for the Listening Guide.)


After completing the Listening Guide and
discussing the music,
I though it would be fun for the kiddos to watch...
...Walt Disney's version of Peter and the Wolf.
(We found it in two parts on You Tube...

Click HERE for Part One
Click HERE for Part Two

You can also see a fun "behind the scenes" clip
with Walt Disney and Sergei Prokofiev
about the creation of
Peter and the Wolf by clicking HERE.)


Some other fun activities I found but didn't get to

Sequencing Cards

And THIS site has a ton of lesson plan ideas...


I hope to INSPIRE you, too, to get
into classical music with YOU kiddos...


  1. Oh man you found a lot of cool things to do.

  2. Wow! I had no idea there were so many neat resources for Peter and the Wolf -- that's so cool! We saw it at a local theater last year, and Emily was inspired to recycle some of her toys into a Peter and the Wolf play set. She loved acting out the story while listening to the music. Fun!!

  3. Wow - that is awesome!! Sounds like a wonderful lesson.

  4. It's wonderful, that people abroad listen and like Russian music and Russian composers.

    Jeanne from Siberia

  5. thanks for your great ideas! we have been learning the orchestra instruments this month and will move on to listen to Peter and the Wolf next month. We are going to use several of the great resources you posted here! Thanks so much for pulling all this together! My kids are going to love it!

  6. Awesome resources, thanks so much

  7. Going to do a Music Camp with Peter and the Wolf next year ... Researching on Google came up with your blog. Thanks. Some I have, and some I've not seen.
    Blessings! ame

  8. YAY... so happy for moms that do this with their kids.

  9. I know this is an older post, but just wanted to say THANKS for putting links to these printables out here! I pinned your post awhile back ... finally just purchased the Maestro Classics CD (bought the whole set at a homeschool convention a few weeks ago). Can't wait to use these!