TOS Review: "Good Morning, God" from Apologia

When Apologia sent our family...
...Good Morning, God
Davis Carmen
to review,
I ended up being THRILLED with the book.

Reading this book
looked like a good way to start a day of homeschooling...
...while the kiddos were still in PJ's,
and snuggled underneath their blankets on the couch.

Apologia summarizes the book's plot in this way:
"Good Morning, God is a story about a four-year-old boy as he goes through a week with his family. This book is designed for children age one to eight years old. Ideally, this book will help your child fall in love with our heavenly Father by thinking about Him from sunrise to sunset."


Let me just say that this book accurately portrays... Little Wild Man!

Each day, the little boy in the story describes himself
in the following manner:
(Oh yes, what little boy DOESN'T wake with lots of energy?)

From jumping on the bed... running in the hallway...
...the parents of this young boy find ways to teach him
about God.

Each evening, the boy prays to God,
about a different aspect in his life
(such as thankfulness for his family,
asking for forgiveness for his sins,
anticipating Jesus' retun to earth, etc.).

This young boy's life ACCURATELY reflects the enthusiasm
I see in my own son,
(in all of my children)
when it comes to daily life
and learning about God's love.


Not only is this a sweet picture book,
it contains a week's worth of devotions
at the book's end.
Reading the recommended scriptures at the end of the book
was a good way to include my oldest daughter
with this book,
making the story truly an nice experience
for the entire family.


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Disclaimer: I received this book free for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in other way.

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  1. The coloring book might be nice for younger children to work in while the devotions are read - interesting!