Good-Bye Sleepover- Christmas Style...

Friday evening,
we hosted a sleepover for... of Jungle Girl's bestest buds.

They have known each other since birth,
gone to church together,
went to preschool together, etc.

Now, she and her family are leaving for Florida-
in less than two weeks.

We had to send her off with a bang,
so we hosted a sleepover......with all the girls
she has gone to church with since being
in the nursery.

As you can see,
this is quite the energetic bunch...


So, to "channel" that energy,
we started off the evening with a simple craft...
Using the tutorial I found HERE over at the
Crafty Crow...
...the girls each painted......their own egg carton pieces...
...which I later "transformed" into
a Christmas Flower Ornament.
I wrote the year and each of the
girls' names on all the leaves
of the flower,
so they all had a nice little memory
to take home from the sleepover.


After supper...
...the girls got all bundled up to go see...
...some Christmas lights.
One of our local parks hosted a community event
to celebrate the season.

There were several free activities to participate in,
so the lines ended up being pretty long.

Waiting in the cold with five
energetic 8 and 9 year old girls
can be a bit of a challenge,
bu they proved themselves to be troopers...

While waiting in line for the carriage ride
around the park...
...the girls found creative ways
to keep themselves entertained.
(They are posing here as "Green" Recycling Angels
with free Frisbees they received at the event...)

After about an hour in line...
...we FINALLY got to go on our horse-guided park tour.

(May I interject here that the only girl crying
throughout this entire "gruesome" wait
was our own daughter.
Is it just me,
or do ALL children seem
to behave better for ANYBODY ELSE
other than their own parents?)

But, I digress...Back to the lights...

During the horse ride,
the girls' spirits picked up again,
and my husband and I got to listen to silly tales
about elves and pirates and dolphins...
Don't ask...


After the park adventure...
...we headed home to watch...
...Santa Paws.
(REALLY cute family film)

I hope this was a good send off for you...
...dear friend.


To check out more holiday cheer,
head on over Holiday Bliss 2010....


  1. Awww...Such a sweet send off~maybe they can write and even learn to use kids do that with best buds from a previous move...Looks like fun!

  2. Brave woman to have a sleep over for that many kiddos. But what a nice way to say goodbye! I am sure she will love Florida, Its warmer, that's why I live here!

  3. What a fantastic night to remember! It looks like so much fun! You're a great MOM! That ornament is a wonderful idea.

  4. What a fun holiday bon voyage sleepover!! Love the ornament and I'm impressed with how well they kept themselves occupied while waiting for the ride around the park. Well done!

  5. Thank you, dear friend, for providing the opportunity to make memories. The craft is adorable. Such a memento.

  6. It was such a great send off!! I miss you all very much!! And I love to look back and see how great the sleepover! That ornament is still and will be forever be my favorite ornament!!