TOS Review: Corps of Re-Discovery's Cornhusk Doll Kit Part II

Last week, I half-way completed a product review for...
(You can read more about their products by reading
the first part of my review by clicking HERE.)

We received a...

...Corn Husk Doll Kit from them.

I am a rather technically challenged person,
but their directions...
..were pretty clear and concise.

The kiddos and I had a GREAT time...
...and tying the husks provided in the kit.

(Since the kit is meant to make one doll,
I used some leftover husks from one of our dinners
earlier in the week,
hence some of the green husks that you see.
The husks the kit provides are MUCH nicer than the ones
I supplemented with.)

The final result?
An entire Corn Husk Family!
Jungle Girl even created her own Corn Husk Baby
with the leftover husks...

The kit also contained fabric scraps to create
aprons and caps for the doll,
but we opted to not do this.

The kiddos wanted to get right to playing with them,
and rather preferred a more "natural" look.

What I REALLY appreciated about this kit was its ability
to inspire creativity,
and for only $4.50,
I'd say it's worth it...


Disclaimer: I was provided this kit free from the company
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Interesting - we made similar dolls at a kids fair once, but have never tried it at home. Nice to know there's a kit with husks and all, out there :)