TOS Review: Corps of Re-Discovery's Cornhusk Doll Kit

I was recently sent a pretty cool kit from...
This company bases its philosophy of education upon the following:

"The Corps of Discovery was the name President Thomas Jefferson gave to Lewis and Clark’s party as he commissioned them to find an east-west water passage to the Pacific Ocean over 200 years ago. Their goal was to explore what lies around the next river bend, to seek out new life and new cultures, to boldly discover what had never been discovered before."

Pretty neat, huh?

The kit we were given to play- er- learn with was...
...the Corn-husk Doll Kit.

Life has been pretty crazy at my house as of late,
and I have not been able to use the kit
with my kiddos yet.

We are planning one putting her together this week,
because it fits SO NICELY into our lessons.

Couldn't you see a Pilgrim child playing
with a Corn-husk Doll...

Or.....doing some tattering?

How about a little Indian child

running around the Thanksgiving Day his moccasins?


All of the above mentioned items are just a few of the kits
that the Corps of Re-Discovery
have to offer you and your children.

They are all great editions to any
early American history curriculum.
The prices of these kits are reasonable,
starting at a couple of dollars and on up.

I am DEFINITELY keeping their site bookmarked
for when we get to the Westward expansion-

I mean, what kiddo wouldn't want to wear a... ...Coon Tail Hat while learning about the exploration of
the wild, wild west?


For more information about
Corps of R-Discovery,
click HERE...


Disclaimer: I was provided this kit free from the company
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. I see life has been crazy for ya. Please be sure to come back and add some comments on how the project went for you all. I am curious to see her. Be sure to have a couple extra hands available for the tying parts.

    I will come back and visit soon to comment on your completed review.

    FM Sheri