Bejeweled Wednesdays and wiww: Cool Weather Comin' In...

I must say,
I am lovin' our cooler weather-
it's like I get to put on an entirely new wardrobe...


Red CAN Work on a Red-Head

(Don't ya love my kiddos playing-ummm-
working hard in the background?)
Necklace turned into a bracelet...

Necklace and earring I made with the kiddos
during THIS lesson...


Friday and Saturday
Slummin' in Sweats

Oh yes- I wore this sweatshirt-all day-
Friday AND Saturday-

(Just keepin' it real!)


Sunday Morning
Ready for Court

I felt a little lawyerish/business womanish
in this brown suit...

Oooooo- I LOVE these beads!

Sunday Afternoon/Evening
Slipping Into Something More Comfortable

Now that it's cool enough,
I am pulling out the fun socks again!


Jean Jackets Need Jewels
This necklace was one of my grandmother's
cosmetic jewelry pieces.
She was a lady with style...


For more fun with fashion,
head on over to
Bejeweled Wednesdays
"what i wore wednesday"...


  1. I always get to a change of season and wonder what I wore the year before as I struggle to find clothes that I like, or fit. I think being pregnant part of every year since 2006 doesn't help the whole wardrobe thing!

    Having one of your Grandmother's necklaces is so special.

    Fun socks rock and are a must for those chilly days and nights :)

    I agree, the gorgeous smile on your Baby Girl's face as she reads her book is priceless and absolutely "beauty full".

  2. you are too fancy to be a homeschooling Mom. I think we need to eject you from this group.

  3. It is always so fun to see what you are wearing. I love all the jewelry you wear. It is beautiful. I also LOVE the fun socks. I am a sock person. Have a great Wednesday.

  4. Ticia's comment made me laugh!!

    You have the coolest necklaces -- I'm so jealous!