Bible Alive! Tuesday: "Love Is" Necklaces

This past week,
"Love Is..."
was the theme for our devotions.

Passages we went through about love included
1 Corinthians 13:2-8 and 13;
1 John 3:11 and 16-19;
Matthew 5:43-47;
Luke 6: 35-36;
Romans 12:9-16.

We also read about Ruth and Naomi,
and how Ruth demonstrated love by putting
Naomi's needs before her own.
(Ruth 1:4-8, 14, 16, 18)


To remind ourselves about all the qualities that
Love Is,
we made a "Love Is" Necklace using...
...Sculpy Clay
("Stays soft and pliable until you bake it in your oven")

Each of the kiddos designed a heart for their necklace...
...in which I discovered...
...6 year olds and...
...4 year olds DEFINITELY need
a bit of assistance
in the heart making process!
The kiddos also created other items
after they were done with their hearts.

(I swear, we could play with Sculpy ALL DAY!)
I also got in the fun and designed a "Love Is" necklace
and earrings set for my own reminder...
We then baked all our creations...
...and strung together the necklaces when the hearts
had cooled.

A pretty reminder of the attributes of love...


What did YOU do with the Bible this week?
I'd love to know!

Please link-up with your ideas below...


  1. I love seeing all their creations -- great work!!!

  2. This is a fun project! They look so proud of their creations. :)

  3. Oh how fun. The kids would love this, okay they love anything that lets them make stuff with sculpey.......

  4. I wouldn't mind one of those necklaces to wear! So cute!

  5. We need to pick up some more sculpey clay - I got non-drying clay by accident instead - it turned into a puddle of goo in the oven, before I realized what we had picked up - oops.

    But, I love you're "Love Is" necklaces!