2010 Gratitude Challenge Day Ten

I am thankful for...

Oh yes.

She was my childhood heroine
(along with Princess Leah).

I lived in my Wonder Woman Underoos,
waiting for the chance help save the world.
It might seem silly to some to "admire" a fictional character,
but I do.

She taught me to be a confident young woman,
and stand up for what is right.
(And who else could wear the Red, White, and Blue better?)


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  1. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha, it's a shame they don't make those underoos anymore, I know a little girl in this house who would never be out of them. They do however make an adult version.

  2. LOL....thanks for the giggles! hugs! BTW~the HERO thang kinda stuck, huh??? LOL!! BE BLESSED and thanks again!!

  3. I think I've posted this before, but that could be a pic of me at that age. My mama had to force me to change out of my Wonder Woman Underoos. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  4. I love it. Great pictures, great post.