Bible Alive! Tuesday: Fiery Furnace Cookies

This past week,
our devotions centered around
loving God with

Many examples of people dedicating their lives to God
can be found in the Bible.

One story we read about involved
three dedicated young men
who were prepared to die for God.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
were thrown into a fiery furnace by King Nebuchadnezzer
for not worship his idol.

God protected them while they were in the furnace,
and King Nebuchadnezzer gave them a promotion!

(Daniel 3)


In honor of these brave young men,
we made a tasty treat-

Fiery Furnace Cookies

The ingredients we used included:

Chow mein noodles
Butterscotch chips
Red sprinkles

First, we melted the chips in the microwave...
...by following the directions on the back
of the bag.
Mix in about 3/4ths of the noodles...
...and a good handful peanuts.
Place spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper...
...and cover them with red sprinkles.

Let them harden in the fridge...
...and then enjoy the little
"fiery" furnace cookies.

They are a tasty reminder of the three men
who loved God with all their hearts...


Now it's your turn-
what have you and your kiddos been
studying in the Bible this week?

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  1. I always loved that story. :) And my mom used to make those cookies (minus the red sprinkles). Good memories. I love that you're creating the same for your kids!

  2. Yum, yum, yum! Great way to learn that lesson.

    I think we jumped over the fire.

  3. I love the idea! They do look like little furnaces :)

  4. I thought you were going to cook them in a fiery furnace!! I love those cookies, though, and my son's class is studying Daniel. Time to whip up a batch.