TOS Review: Salem Ridge Press

Since it was the first day of fall today,
why not begin a chilly morning
with a journey back in time...
A little
Soldier Fritz
with your coffee, anyone?

Or, how about...The American Twins of the Revolution


Mary Jane and her Visit?

All of these books are children literature
which was written in the

The books are very wholesome,
with Christian themes,
as well as historical in nature.

Whether you would like to imagine yourself
in the time of Martin Luther defending his faith
in the 1500's (Soldier Fritz),
in the midst of the American Revolution
(The American Twins of the Revolution),
there are several historical fiction pieces
offered through
Salem Ridge Press.

If you prefer for your kiddos to read about
a young girl who loves to learn from her
and the world around her,
the Mary Jane series is for you.

The books come in hardback or paperback form,
and are priced beginning at $12.95 and up.

For more information,
click HERE to visit
Salem Ridge Press.

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