Math Monday: Tucker, the Triangle Dog

When working with shapes,
art is a natural fit.

So, while working with the Triangle this week...
...Little Wild Man created...
...Tucker, the Triangle Dog Puppet.

I got the idea from KidsSoup,
but I am CERTAIN many more animals
could be made with paper triangles...


For more fun with math,
head on over to Math Monday...

(Link to be added later...)


  1. So CUTE!! I think my little ones are almost ready to start little projects like this. Thanks for the resource.

  2. Tucker is a cutie. Shapes + art = fun. We read Mouse Shapes today and were inspired to make some "shape collages" as Savvy calls them.

    I enjoyed all of your letter B goodness.

    Pyramath is such a versatile game. I like resources like this that can be used with different age groups and ability levels.

    I have missed popping over here to your space. At the moment I am flat out keeping up with my three cherubs. Blogging has certainly taken a backseat. All in good time, I will be back to more regular commenting when the time is right for our family.

  3. Tag, you're it! I have some questions for you on my blog, if you want to play :)