in a sibling "brawl,"
Little Wild Man accidentally knocked
Baby Girl's already loose teeth
to the point of no return.

They needed to come out,
but she was NOT having us touch them.

Now, growing up,
my father pulled all my teeth,
(when they were loose enough)
and I was not traumatized.

So, after our Labor Day cook-out
at my parents' house,
Grandalf and Marmee worked together
to create...
...this toothless smile.

This type of smile,
the "can't-eat-corn-on-the-cob-for-awhile" smile,
has ALWAYS been my favorite on kiddos.

She handled the entire ordeal rather well,
and shed just a couple of tears.
Oh, I am going to enjoy this smile while it lasts...


  1. She looks so happy and pleased with herself!!! The tooth fairy will be very busy at your house. :-)

  2. Aw, I love toothless smiles! How cute ♥