Fun at the Museum

This past Wednesday,
I decided to take the kiddos to a local museum
at the University of Tennessee.

Before we left, I read...
Felix Travels Back in Time
Anette Langen and Constanza Droop.

It's a story about a little girl's bunny, named Felix,
who gets lost in time after taking
a field trip to a local museum.
During that time,
he sends letters back to the little girl,
describing where he is currently throughout time.
At the end of the book, there is a map detailing all of Felix's travels.


We also learned why you can
"hear the ocean" when you put
a shell up to your ear.

We ALL enjoyed putting this theory into practice...


After the Shell Exhibit, we went to look at the
Ancient Egypt Exhibit.

(Who's your Mummy?)


After Ancient Egypt,
we headed further back in time to the
Prehistoric Era.

The critters back then were definately bigger
than our little bodies...


We ended our time in the museum at the
Native American exhibit-
with a focus on our local Cherokee.
Little Wild Man wanted to get in this
tree trunk canoe,
but I had to inform him that this part of the exhibit
was NOT that "hands-on."
There WERE other "hands-on" activities
in this sections of the museum,
which the kiddos really enjoyed...

I am glad we ended our tour with the
Native Americans,
because next week the kiddos can use this as a
reference point when we start our
Native American study in history.


This was a good field trip...
...can't you tell by their expressions?


  1. books with pockets and things to pull out and a cool museum? SCORE!

  2. Omgosh that is adorable! Sun in their eyes???

    I likey your top! Looking good Mama!

  3. We haven't been there in YEARS, and I've been saying for YEARS that we need to go back!

  4. The last pic is so funny!! Looks like a really fun trip!