wiww and Weekend Wear: Like Apples to Apples

Well, this was an interesting week.

Here are the highs and lows...


Apple Pickin'

My favorite sweat-stained cap
and a bright orange fruit picker
were my accessories of choice...


Lovin' Layers

I was SO EXCITED on Sunday morning because
it was actually nippy-
Fall is just around the corner-

So, I layered my black dress with a crocheted shrug...

...and I layered my necklaces, too!

(The gold leaf necklace was my mother's-
my father gave it to her on one of their anniversaries...
it's an actual gold covered leaf!)

(after Church)
Old Reliable

(I've had this T-shirt since college...
it's definitely a "go-to"
when I need to slouch around...)


"Why are You Wearing So Much Red?"

(The title for my outfit comes from a direct quote
from my 6 year old daughter.
I guess she was a little taken by my color choice...)
(Do you know how hard it is to take a picture
of the back of your own head?)


You ARE Seeing Double

Yup, I slept in this outfit,
worked out in it,
cut up 60 + apples in it,
homeschooled the kiddos in it,
and cleaned the house in it today,
'cause I was too busy to change.

Just keepin' it real...


For more truthful fashions,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday"...


  1. I love that apple picker! I saw one, for the first time, in a facebook picture my sister in PA, sent out - but wasn't sure what it was. So much better than a ladder on uneven orchard ground :) I'm glad you mentioned it the other day.

  2. I love how you did your hair on Sunday morning-so cute!

  3. i love that you're doing the "what i wore wednesday" thing.. so fun. I need to do something like that.. I DO know though that I have yet to wear a shirt twice to work so far! hahaha. I just need to mix things up and layer.. ahh, which layering time = FALL! :)