Math Monday: Manipulatives Are All Around...

We LOVE using manipulatives during Math
in our house...

in OUR school,
can be about anything that you can
count, sort, group, compare, etc.

(I mean, we do use Math-U-See as our
main Math curriculum...)


This week,
Little Wild Man counted and sorted
...since the shape of the week was a circle.
(Using a circular pill case was just an added bonus...)


Later in the week,
Little Wild Man counted and sorted with...
...some Pogs
(straight from the '90's, baby!)
The girls wanted in on the sorting fun too...


Oh, and Baby Girl used...
...clothespins this week with
THIS addition game.
And, as it turns out,
not ONLY can clothespins be used as manipulatives...
...they can make
quite the fashion statement, too!


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  1. All I can say to that last picture is "ow."

    So I'm not the only packrat who has all sorts of things she's introducing to her kids from her childhood.

  2. Cute post! Great idea about the circular pill case, I'll have to track one of those down.

  3. I love the circular pill case idea. And I love how he is sorting different things, in different ways, using different tools, good way to achieve transfer of knowledge!

  4. Very cute!!

    I totally forgot about Pogs -- neat idea!

  5. I wish I had a pog for a different purpose but I love all the natural manipulatives! I'm a manipulative junkie so I buy way too many when I can just find things around the house!