stART: Red, Red, Red by Valeri Gorbachev (or Mommy is seeing red today...)

Have you ever had a "bright" idea that fizzled?

I certainly did today...

Since we have been doing school gradually,
but full-time this week,
I thought that including stART would be fun
for the kiddos...

AND it would have-
if I had thought things through a bit more...


Since the color of the week at our house is red,
I read...
Red, Red, Red,
Valeri Gorbachev
to the kiddos at the end of our lessons today.

In the story, a turtle leads a group of animals
on a hike to see the
"Red, red, red!"

It turns out to be a beautiful red sunset.


A while back,
I saw Filth Wizardry's post
on a fun way to get kiddos starting on embroidery
using shelf liner from the Dollar Tree.

I thought,
"Today is the day we will try this."

We will embroider our own red sunsets.

This did NOT go over well.

Probably not the smartest idea
to embroider without
I *thought* I could wrap some tape around
the end of one of the ends of the yarn
to create a needle like effect,
since I had no embroidery needles.

It didn't fly.

The younger two colored their suns red
and my eldest just wants to wait for the needle.

I don't blame her.



For much more successful art and story activities,
head on over to stART...


  1. Oh, I've had this happen to me with plastic canvas!! Believe it or not I fashioned something of a needle from a bent paperclip.... or maybe a twist tie..?? Can't remember now, but it worked okay. Of course by now you probably have some needles already!

  2. Oh no girl. Yeah, embroidery needles are a must to do this.

  3. I've had quite a few failed projects lately too. That's why we're being lazy . . .and I agree with your other post about lunch being hard when you stay home or homeschool. What a beating every day!!
    Yes, I do think you can do those burger foil packets in the oven. Maybe 350 for 20 minutes or so and see if that hamburgers are cooked? I tried to Google it and couldn't find the right answer. Let me know if you try it!

  4. Sometimes you just have to give it a whirl - you never know when it may work out...or not. LOL! Still a good try!

  5. Goota hand it to you - you were resourceful! Valerie beat me to it, I was also thinking that a paper clip might just do the job.

    I enjoyed going on tour of your "school room". I love your secreatery desk and that hub for homeschooling is around your kitchen table.

    I hope your toe is feeling better. That guy at the amusement park must have been rough to cause so much damage - ouch.